Late in 2018, Swedish pop sensation and underground icon, Robyn, released her 8th studio album, Honey, and it’s a masterclass in pop songwriting and production technique. In other words, it’ll make you dance and also feel your feelings. Where most pop artists will embellish their songs with big, bombastic studio tricks, Robyn gracefully supports her songs with smooth, polished, and sophisticated production, letting her lyrics and melodies shine like a beacon of hope in this cold, dead, apocalyptic wasteland of millennial pop trends.

“Ever Again” is the prime example of this winning formula. It’s the last song on Honey, and it was also the last song written for the record. According to Robyn, the track came together very quickly during an impromptu studio session with co-writer/producer Joseph Mount (of Metronomy). Sometimes the best really is left for last. Defiance never sounded so groovy.